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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Antonio HDR Photos at night -- Part V

These two shots re-visits two of my favorite shots, the waterfall outside of the Grand Hyatt, and the river-taxi dock outside of the RiverCenter Mall.

The waterfall is one of my favorite shots to take in San Antonio, just because it is a little bit farther back off the normal walkway, and there is something about the color and detail that draws me to taking the shot. This shot was captured by setting the exposure time to 30 seconds, which really smoothed out not only the waterfall, but also smoothed out the water near the bottom of the waterfall as well.


This is another shot of the river-taxi dock, except this time I was able to capture one river-taxi moving toward the camera, and one moving away from it, leaving the "light streaks" over the water. I really like this effect, and was fortunate enough to capture it at just the right time to capture this effect.

River-taxi dock

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