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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blue "Light Channels" on Commerce Street

This is the first, in what is sure to be several shots, of the Public Art San Antonio display "Light Channels" (created by Bil FitzGibbons) on the IH-37 underpass on Commerce Street. The underpass is lit with many multi-colored LED lights, creating a very surreal experience as you drive or walk by the underpass. This shot was taken when the lights were blue and I managed to capture some tail light streaks of a passing car to help accentuate the color scheme. I took about 20 shots of various colors, but I liked how this one came out the best, thus I processed this shot first. In the distance you can see the base of the Marriott Hotel tower.

Approximately two blocks to the right of this shot is the new haunted house in San Antonio "13th Floor Haunted House". I tried to get some interesting shots of that, but couldn't find any angles and lighting that I liked, so I instead tried to capture as many different appearances of the overpass that I could.

Blue "Light Channels" on Commerce Street

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