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Monday, November 1, 2010

Purple "Light Channels" on Commerce Street

As I mentioned in my previous post (click here if you are interested), I took a series of shots of the Commerce Street overpass that contains Light Channels", which was created by Bill FitzGibbons. The first shot I posted was of the blue lights, the shot I processed today is of the purple lights.

As of right now I'm planning on processing three more shots of the underpass (all taken from the exact same view, just with different colors) and in the last post I will display them all together. So you can check back every day for a new shot, or just wait until the end of the week and see them all at once!

It really is amazing how much of an effect changing the color of light can give a different feeling to a photo. It is also pretty amazing considering that this is just an overpass on a street, but adding different colored lights to it turns it into a work of art. As always, questions and/or comments are very much appreciated!

Purple "Light Channels"

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