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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 seconds of lightning strikes

Last night we had some pretty severe weather roll through our area and it seems those living by Sea World got the worst of it. We had some pretty large hail, mixed in with a LOT of smaller hail (check out my Twitter feed for some of the pictures I took with my Droid about 10 minutes after the rain had stopped).

Before all of that excitement, I decided to try to capture some lightning strikes as the storm rolled in. I took several 30 second exposures, and as all of you who have taken lightning shots know and understand, you have to be very patient (and lucky) to get some good ones. Fortunately, I did get lucky and was able to capture this shot.

I *think* the large flag pole at Sea World was hit in one of these shots, but there is so much lightning that I cannot really tell for sure. I hope you enjoy this shot nearly as much as I do!

Lightning strikes as storm rolls in on 1 November 2010

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