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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interior shot of St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Today's post is a photo taken of the interior of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, located in San Antonio, Texas. I think the interior of this church is the second best in San Antonio (St. Joseph Parish I feel is the best) and I stumbled across it by using Google Maps on my Droid, although it is only a few blocks north of the Alamo and "downtown".

I tried a new technique in this photo and I am pretty satisfied with the results. With windows and sunlight, the length needed to get a proper exposure usually "floods" the area with light, making details such as stained glass windows very difficult to capture. I took this shot, then immediately reduced the length of the exposure to different amounts, trying to bring out more detail in the windows. I tried a few different shots and finally settled on a 1 second exposure and then used Adobe RAW made some changes to the photo to allow a better "blending" of the windows. I am very happy with the final result and I think it is a technique I am going to use more often with interior shots (specifically when dealing with stained glass and bright sunlight from outside).

Interior of St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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