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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

San Antonio Alamo Plaza Christmas Tree

This photo is of the Christmas tree in Alamo Plaza, located in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The tree is sponsored by H.E.B. (a local grocery store chain). The tree has 10,000 LED lights strung around it.

I am pretty happy with how this picture came out, although I still think that the decorations and attractions at Sea World are much better than what you can see downtown in San Antonio. I plan on visiting the Six Flags Christmas celebration at some point in the future, but I think it is going to be pretty hard pressed to beat what is on display at Sea World.

I slightly desaturated everything except the tree itself to make the color and lighting more of a focal point of the photo. I chose this picture because at the base of the tree a family is posing (for someone else taking a photo, not me) and it was the only shot of about 20 that contained a small feature like that, which I think adds to the photo considerably.

As always, please feel free to click on the photo to see it in larger dimensions!

Christmas Tree in Alamo Plaza

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