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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RiverCenter Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is located in the center of the RiverCenter plaza, just outside of the RiverCenter Mall. This is, in my opinion, the nicest scene located on the entire Riverwalk. The view is not saturated with an excessive amount of (mainly red) lights and honestly there were not a whole lot of people taking in the scene, but it was the only spot that actually felt like Christmas. Maybe it is because I associate anything Christmas and a mall automatically with the Santa Claus scene from the movie "A Christmas Story", but I cannot say for sure.

I took this photo from just off the walkway around the plaza actually standing among some small plants so I wouldn't block the path for other people to walk by. Most of them were considerate and ducked slightly as they walked by (although they didn't have to) which I thought was a nice touch. Once again the "L" lens shines in this photo, the amout of detail that is captured is stunning. You can notice a girl looking out the third floor window (just to the right of the glare next to the flag that was waving and looks ghosted), and you can see a "Vina Sandals" store and "Watches" display inside the 2nd floor of the mall, among other things. I am still impressed by how much of a difference the "L" lens makes in my photos, I definitely think that it was worth the money (and of course I am slightly greedy and want a wide variety of "L" lenses now!

I hope you enjoy the photo!

RiverCenter Courtyard Christmas Tree

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