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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ducks in a tree

This shot was taken after I got the shot of the Brackenridge Eagle crossing the bridge over the San Antonio River. There were plenty of ducks in the river swimming around, swimming close to people on the bank especially when they would throw pieces of bread and other food into the river for the ducks to eat.

I took this shot because, frankly, I don't recall ever seeing ducks in a tree before. I know that ducks are birds and can fly, but seeing them ducks standing in a tree was new to me. We had a few ducks as pets when I was young and I saw them do some pretty interesting things, but standing in a tree like other birds was not one of them.

I like this shot because the trees in the background are multi-colored and not in focus at all, which I think compliments the feel of the shot very nicely. The triangle that was formed by the ducks is pretty neat as well, I would have preferred for all of them to look at me during the picture, but after about 20 shots it just was not in the cards. I hope you enjoy the photo!

Ducks in a tree on the San Antonio River

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