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Sunday, December 5, 2010

School of fish above San Antonio Riverwalk

This shot was taken on the northern part of the Riverwalk at a point where IH-35 passes over the San Antonio River. I took this shot on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when I went to take photos of the Christmas lights that were displayed downtown. At the recommendation of a friend from work, I parked at the Pearl Brewery and walked down the "newer" portion of the Riverwalk to get downtown. The Riverwalk along the Pearl Brewery, San Antonio Museum of Art, even up to the locks and dam, is incredible. The river itself is quite wide, all of the sidewalks in the area are very wide and handicapped/stroller accesible, magnificently landscaped, and is just such a nice area to visit. I want to go back and visit this area in the future for some more shots.

Back to this photo, I had no idea this was here until I came across it on the walk to downtown. I took several shots from several angles but decided on processing this one, due to the being able to see the reflection of the fish in the Riverwalk. The multi-colored lights along the Riverwalk are a nice added bonus, as is being able to see the rainbow colored lights between the San Antonio Museum of Art. If you want to visit this area I highly recommend parking at the Pearl Brewery and walking toward downtown. The area is a much nicer place to visit than any portion of the Riverwalk that is located "downtown".

Fish above the Riverwalk

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