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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Lady of the Atonement - revisited

About a month ago I posted an interior shot our Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church (original post is here). Today's photo is another shot of the church, this time taken with a Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens rather than the Tamron 10-24mm wide-angle lens. Unfortunately I could not get to the same vantage point because the door to the balcony was locked, but even if it had been unlocked the shot would not have look as good because the stained glass windows were in the process of being cleaned. I got as far forward as possible with this shot to include as much as the sanctuary as possible but not include the open windows and/or workers.

Even though it has only been roughly a month, using a better lens and having a better understanding of post processing I think makes the new photo much better than the original. I would have liked to taken the exact same shot as before but that wasn't possible. It might be in the future, but yesterday it was not. As a side note too, this shot was taken with three bracketed RAW shots, rather than just a single RAW shot. The resulting shot I think looks pretty similar to processing the photo from just one RAW shot, there are some differences with subtle lighting, I think I might start to do interior/non motion shots entirely with bracketed images, but shots such as wildlife/roller coasters/urban areas with motion I think that using one RAW shot produces the best results.

Anyway, remember to click on the photo to see it in a variety of sizes, and please feel free to leave questions or comments below or on my smugmug gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

Our Lady of the Atonement

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