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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cactus in a Tree

Today's photo is entirely thanks to a co-worker of mine pointing this out to me as a potential photo opportunity. I took this shot on Alamo Ranch Parkway, located just behind the Alamo Ranch shopping complex. I don't recall ever seeing something like this before. That makes two unique "in a tree" shots that I have taken so far here in Texas, and I have a hunch that it will not be my last.

I took a few small liberties with editing this shot. I made the cactus a bit brighter and a bit greener than it really was, and I desaturated the rest of the photo a bit more than usual to try to get the cactus to stand out more. I think it came out pretty well, and I wonder how many people traveling along that road have ever noticed it (and how many have never noticed it!)

As always, feel free to leave any comments or feedback, and remember you can click on the photo to view it (and my other work) in various sizes in my online gallery hosted at smugmug. Thanks for stopping by!

Cactus in a tree

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