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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve II

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve II

Today's photo is another shot that I took on Saturday at the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve (the first photo can be seen in the previous post, or here). This shot was taken on the other side, facing away from the sun, so the lighting is a bit different. Once again, I added in a partly cloudy sky because I was not happy with the plain blue sky. This shot was also taken slightly later in the day than the shot I posted yesterday, so there is more water coming from the top. My guess is as the temperature warms up more water flows, but I do not know for certain if that is the case.

As I stated yesterday, I was completely impressed with the Hamilton Pool and I cannot wait to get back up there and shoot again (hopefully when there is more water and hopefully greener). The pictures truly do not capture just how incredibly amazing the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve actually is!

Please feel free to leave any comments/feedback, and remember clicking on the photo takes you to my online gallery where you can view this (and any other of my photos) in various sizes. Thanks for stopping by!

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