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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Buckhorn

Today's photo is taken inside the Buckhorn Museum & Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum in San Antonio, Texas. The San Antonio Express News (the local newspaper) ran a story in one of the Sunday edition's a few weeks ago about "impressive bars in San Antonio". When we went downtown last Friday to get some shots of the Alamo 175th anniversary we had a chance to stop by two of them and this was the only one that I was impressed with.

I have been living here in San Antonio for almost 10 years and it marked the first time that I had visited the Buckhorn. The incredible amount and variety of animals mounted on the wall is what I will always remember about the visit, as there was quite a bit to see, although at first I thought the price of admission was fairly steep ($18.00 a person I believe). I would recommend setting aside a few hours to take in all of the exhibits if you decide to visit. I took a few other photos in here that I will be posting over the next few days (although I don't feel it is worthy of an entire weekly series like Sea World San Antonio was).

The Buckhorn Saloon

My favorite bits from this photo are:

- The elephant above the "Five Museums in One" sign
- The pair of jackalopes above the "Bud" sign (I've always been a jackalope fan!)
- The pair deer with interlocked antlers near the "Texas Hall" sign

If you are so inclined, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Also remember that clicking on the photo takes you to my online gallery hosted over at smugmug where you can view this (and my other photos) in various sizes. If you enjoyed this post, please take the time to pass my post(s) on to others whom you also feel would enjoy my work. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. All I can think to say is WOW...Im not a huge fan of hunting and seeing the heads mounted...but WOW you have captured this place soo well! The detail when viewed x2 is just amazing! Just trying to get an idea of the size of this just looks huge...what lens or focal length did you use?

  2. The address is 318 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX, if you want to look at it on Google Maps. The building itself takes up about 1/4 of the block, so it is pretty large. The museum area takes up a majority of the space of the building. The dining area isn't terribly large, I would guess about 50 feet by 80 feet or so (I really have no idea, that is just a guess).

    I took the shot with my wide angle lens, the Canon EF-S 10-22mm (focal length for this was shot 10mm)( which is designed for the cropped sensor Canon DSLRs (the 7D on down). I did use the Tamron wide-angle for awhile but the Canon lens is so much better, upgrading to it was definitely worth it!