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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Scene from HemisFair Park

Today's photo is a retake of one of the first shots that I ever took in HemisFair Park of a small bridge and cement waterfalls located near the Tower of the Americas in downtown San Antonio. When I originally took the photo back in August there was a small bit of graffiti which I had to Photoshop out. There was no graffiti this time, and I even got lucky with the timing and there were no people in the shot at all!

There really isn't a whole lot to this scene but I really like it. HemisFair park is a very relaxing place to visit, especially with all of the water down by the Tower of the Americas. I feel that this photo captures the tranquility one feels when walking through the park pretty well!

Bridge and Water in HemisFair Park

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  1. Absolutely marvelous Brian, I LOVE the lines you've composed here, they are perfect. The metal in the guard rail there is exquisite as well, you can really soak in all the details. What a great image!!

  2. What a beautiful reminder to look for the simple things! Great angle and processing!!

  3. Very nice Brian, it does have a relaxing quality to it.