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Friday, May 27, 2011

Old-Fashioned Friday - Tower of Terror

Welcome back to Old Fashioned Friday! It has been a few weeks since I made my last post on this theme and this Friday is as good as any to start it back up again!

The subject of today's photo is of the seemingly innocent looking Hollywood Tower Hotel. If you have visited Walt Disney World (specifically Hollywood Studios) you know that "innocent" is a term that you would likely never associated with the "hotel". This building is the exterior of the ride the "Tower of Terror". Riders are buckled into an elevator with seats and go on a very short tour while seeing the ghosts of passengers that were in an elevator in the same hotel when it was struck by lightning, which sent the elevator and occupants plummeting to their demise. Then, everything goes black and the ride plummets (the drop is supposed to be 13 stories but it didn't really feel that far). You bounce up and down a few times, arriving at different "floors", then the ride ends with an exit through the obligatory gift shop (Note: I have heard that is actually a law in Florida. All rides must exit through a gift shop!).

This photo was a combination of 6 bracketed shots and one +1, 0, and -1 shot from a RAW image (to counteract the blurring/ghosting from the trees due to a slight but persistent breeze), standard processing, and then I added my normal "old" style processing using Silver Efex Pro 2.

Old Fashioned Friday - Tower of Terror

Please feel free to leave comments and/or feedback below. Also remember that clicking on the photo lets you view the image in various sizes as well as taking you to my online gallery hosted over at smugmug. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a fabulous blog post & image today, Brian, I LOVE it! Old Fashioned Friday is definitely one of my must visit sites on Fridays when you do this; today's post is absolutely incredible!

  2. LOL...this is the only terrifying ride that I can actually make myself go on "ONCE" when we go to Disney because I can only psych myself out once and I beg to differ because I feel like I'm plummeting more then 13 stories :) Great Shot!!!