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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Portland Head Lighthouse, facing south

Hello again readers and welcome back!! The subject of today's photo comes from a journey to Portland, Maine to get some photos of the Portland Head Light lighthouse, which is actually located just outside of Portland in Cape Elizabeth. According to my Uber driver, as well as some online research before heading up there, the lighthouse is the most photographed scene in all of Maine. 

I kept a close on eye on the weather on Thursday, the day before the trip, due to a storm that was passing through the area. It started with snow, changed to freezing rain, changed to rain, and then changed back to snow. The official total of the snowfall at the Portland Jetport was 7.7". I was a little concerned that it might be difficult to get from the airport to the lighthouse, but the roads were in really good shape and surprisingly there were quite a few people at the lighthouse as well. At least some of them had the same idea and tried to get some snowfall photos of the lighthouse!

This photo was taken at the top corner of one of the cliffs overlooking the lighthouse, facing south. The clouds in the southern sky were much better looking than the clouds facing north, although had I arrived earlier it probably would have been a great sky for photographs all around. I definitely want to visit the area again and get more photos of the area, as there are quite a few lighthouses in and around Portland, plus plenty of other photo opportunities as well. There will definitely be more photos to come from this trip!

Portland Head Lighthouse, looking south

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