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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret "Peppermint Specialists" Workshop

I made a recent post about the Candy Cane Forest as a part of the Sea World San Antonio Christmas Celebration. Yesterday when I visited again I managed to find the secret location which produced the large candy canes as part of the forest.

The site is called the "Peppermint Specialists" and it is a commonly overlooked part of the Candy Cane Forest, although it is unquestionably the essential element of the display. I managed to get this shot of the unmanned workshop through a window while the workers were on break (why else would the building be unattended on Christmas Eve?). As you can see the workshop was in the process of producing large peppermint candies rather than candy canes, and it looks like the workers have been pretty busy. Hopefully they managed to produce enough peppermint candies by the Christmas deadline and are enjoying today with their families and friends!

The Secret "Peppermint Specialists" Workshop

As always, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can click on the photo to see this and other photos in various sizes via my smugmug gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

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